Life is suffering

"Damn, that titles pretty morbid Ollie" I hear you say. Well, I didn't say it. The Buddha did. Only this morning did I really wrap my head around this concept. Before today, I always thought he was being a bit over the top. I mean come on, all of life can't be filled with suffering.... Continue Reading →

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As a frequent gym goer or a "gym junkie" as close friends put it; my hands have become callused. Calluses are signs of hard work, extra thick layers of skin to protect your hands from future abuse. Without the calluses, the fresh weak skin underneath would burn and rip at a moments notice. I see... Continue Reading →

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Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink, ex-Navy Seal Commander, is a fucking badass. You can listen to him on his podcast, watch his Ted talk, or read his book "Extreme Ownership". This book was the start of my foundation of Stoic Philosophy. Following this revelation in thinking, I've read over 20 books and spent 100's of hours researching and... Continue Reading →

New Years

So, it's that time of year again. Everyone's feeling great, not going to work, eating a tonne of food and having time off of exercise. So everyone gets happy, motivated and inspired to make a change in the "New Year". Fuck that. If you wanted to make a change, you would've already done it. Stop... Continue Reading →

On the fear of Death

Don't let the fear of Death, stop you from living. Quite the opposite. Focus on the inevitability of death, and your focus will truly hone. Every second cannot be brought back, but as time passes, you will grow. Strive for passion, love, wisdom, and help everyone you know. So death may be feared, and we... Continue Reading →


Contain your ego, and find strength in mentors. For a king is wise, when he can look up to a Ruler. Use this mentor, to regulate your character. For you can never straighten, that which is crooked, without a ruler.

On discursiveness in life

Nothing hinders a cure as much as the frequent changing of medicine. A plant that is often moved can never grow strong roots. Taken from "Letters from a Stoic", letter #2 I have a sporadic, childlike sense of curiosity. I want to do everything. Learn about relativity? Hell yeh! A bit of stoic philosophy? Count... Continue Reading →

The Obstacle is the Way

When a blade cuts water,  It slides straight through, The water accepts the obstacle, It passes around, manipulates its form.   When a blade strikes a brick, It distorts and breaks, The resistance is destroyed, The brick may be cracked, but It refuses to conform.   When you face obstacles in life, Don’t resist, whine,... Continue Reading →


In order to rise, to grow, to find yourself, You must push beyond fear, The silent struggle, the daily grind, Into a path that never did seem clear. Sweep aside the fog, The physical manifestation of doubt, Stay razor-focused on your goal, your dream, your mission For second-thoughts are always near. Your mind is formed... Continue Reading →


Fear is the ultimate guide, A path to self-discovery, The resistance creeps in, consumes, Overwhelming one's psyche.   A shift in mindset, The courage of perspective, Two roads laid out in front of you, Each providing a radically different view:   One, the path of comfort, Well-traveled, green and lush, However, when you reach the... Continue Reading →

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