Choose your sacrifice

You may not get what you would like. You can't have everything. But, if you reorientate your life, to make the probability of getting what you need to be as high as possible, then you're going to need to make some sacrifices. That may mean not going out and partying for a few months. It may... Continue Reading →

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As a frequent gym goer or a "gym junkie" as close friends put it; my hands have become callused. Calluses are signs of hard work, extra thick layers of skin to protect your hands from future abuse. Without the calluses, the fresh weak skin underneath would burn and rip at a moments notice. I see... Continue Reading →

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Motivation is BullS%£T

Feeling motivated is great. You lace up your running shoes and you're out running! You're doing it. You're finally living your dream of getting fit! But what happens when its raining outside and you need to run? What happens when your legs are begging you to stop? What about when the mind is telling you... Continue Reading →

Why do we fall?

So that, we can learn to pick ourselves up Alfred from Batman: The Dark Night I don't care who you are, what job you do or how old you are, there are going to be times in your life when things aren't going to go right. Life will catch you on the blindside, it will... Continue Reading →


If you want to be great, not "good", not "second", if you want to be the very best at what you do. Obsession is a necessity. CT Fletcher I love this quote. It truly encapsulates my ethos in how I operate. I have an addictive personality which has led me down the path of bad... Continue Reading →


Do today what others won't, so you can do tomorrow what others can't - Jerry Rice Many people love to use the word "impossible". It makes them feel safe, comfortable, knowing that they will never even have to try, as they will never succeed at achieving such an insurmountable feat. Weak men are safe where... Continue Reading →

“life is suffering” – Buddha

What did the Buddha mean when he spoke these historical words? Did he lade us all with the unrelenting weight of struggle? What a pessimistic way to look at life! In the past few years, I've come to understand what the Buddha was inferring. On the other side of suffering is greatness David Goggins In... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Decided to finally start sharing my thoughts via a blog platform! Expect to see Fitness tips and tricks Reviews of books I've read Sudden realisations I've had Thoughts I'm pondering Experiences I want to share! I'm going to try and upload a post once a week, but expect more when random thoughts come into my... Continue Reading →

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