As a frequent gym goer or a “gym junkie” as close friends put it; my hands have become callused.

Calluses are signs of hard work, extra thick layers of skin to protect your hands from future abuse. Without the calluses, the fresh weak skin underneath would burn and rip at a moments notice.

I see the skin underneath my calluses as my weak self, the boy that’s a part of me, but is not me.

The calluses are my way of layering sweat, blood, and tears over that old self and producing a new, hard motherfucker.

Whenever I go to the gym, or participate in a hard run, or do anything that feels uncomfortable, I am callusing over my victim’s mentality.

I fucking hate running, cold showers and revision. I do it to calluse over my brain and teach my soft mentality that I’m not going to listen to its weakness.

You have to teach your body to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You have to teach it that I’m in control here, I’m not going to let you control me.

As David Goggins says which sums this post up perfectly with an ever eloquent quote:

I’m all about callusing the mind, do something that sucks

David Goggins

Stay hard.

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