Fear is the ultimate guide,

A path to self-discovery,

The resistance creeps in, consumes,

Overwhelming one’s psyche.


A shift in mindset,

The courage of perspective,

Two roads laid out in front of you,

Each providing a radically different view:


One, the path of comfort,

Well-traveled, green and lush,

However, when you reach the end,

You realise the path deceived you,

You never did discover what you were made of.

Life was swept aside,

Gone by in a rush.


The other path is dangerous,

Littered with brambles and weeds,

But if you look a little further, 

Peer into the future,

You will understand the type of human,

That this path breeds.

You may encounter cuts, bruises, and overwhelming fatigue,

But let this path take you, 

To the next level,

To another league.

This is the path of discipline, 

An eternal battle of hard work,

You may be alone at first,

But trust me,

This path is where the champions lurk.

Use fear as your guide,

To unearth your vision,

Run towards fear, allow it to map out your path, your journey,

Your overriding mission.

So accept there will be a struggle,

Embrace it, allow your mindset to form

Just remember,

The thickest trees are made,

In the gusts of the strongest storm.

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