Why do we fall?

It takes reaching rock bottom to discover what you're made of. Your attitude towards life is forged in the pit of your own despair. Gratitude is not born out of apathy, but through the relativity that suffering provides. When you next find yourself clawing your way out of your own darkness, know there lies a... Continue Reading →


It's all-too-easy to play victim to our situation, to those closest to us and the world as a whole. Why? Because in externalising the blame, it nicely cushions our fall that we -and we alone - are accountable for our Struggle. The harder but more liberating approach is to dive deep within ourselves and source... Continue Reading →


A wave rushing through me, a storm yet to subside, an urge catching me off guard, I have nowhere to hide. A quiet thought erupts, the rush pierces my vein, leave behind all my hard work, and relinquish the pain. The sweat begins to drip, I take note of this feeling, a relentless attack, yet... Continue Reading →


You can't control the direction of your ship, Without being the captain. Take hold of the steering wheel, And direct your own destiny. You can't control the waves, But you can control the rudder. A ship is safest in the harbour, But that's not what it's made for. Growth comes when you face and embrace... Continue Reading →

Mindset above all

Don't let your mind control you. Life exists in your fucking mind. Your reality is how you perceive it. Don't let people own space in your head. This is why the enemy fights you in your mind. You have to teach your mind that you are in control. You have to discipline your body and... Continue Reading →

Let me know guys!

Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying the blog 🙂 So far, this blog has been mainly motivational and taking you on the journey of how I think. However, there are many topics I'd love to discuss with you all and get your feedback on, so I'm going to branch out and try some new topics... Continue Reading →

Live for the dark times

Embrace the suck. Put uncomfortable situations in front of you. For me, the dark times are my therapy, the times where I can find what I'm truly made of. It's when you return to scratch. When you're all out of money. When no-one believes in you. That's when champions get started. That's when they know... Continue Reading →

The sewer of life

Make yourself a home in the sewer of life. Why? I guarantee you'll return to it a few times along the way. But if you view it is the start, the first step into becoming who you want to be, or as the first step in becoming who you were, it will become a home.... Continue Reading →

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